Creating & maintaining a web style guide

pebbleRoad Studios: Creating & maintaining a web style guide




Web style guide TOC:

  • Why is this style guide important?
  • When should we use this guide?
  • What are ‘templates’ and why should we care?
  • Information architecture guidelines
  • Using the [company] logo
  • Masthead (or header)
  • Footer
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Images & media
  • Accessibility
  • Authoring guidelines (or how to write web content)
  • Legal considerations (or web policies)
  • Technology considerations
  • Templates/CSS downloads
  • Contact & support information

When applicable, I use the following instructional model to communicate each item:

  • The guidelines
  • Examples (or how flexible can we be?)
  • Non-examples
  • XHTML code (if any)
  • CSS rules (if any)
  • Downloads (if any)

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