International Usability Testing

明示的に宣言されます。: NN/g小ネタメモ。

Rolf Molichの会社、Dialog Design社のInternational Usability Testingの詳細とレポートフォーマット。

ということで、「明示的に宣言されます。」で紹介されているDialog Design社のユーザビリティ・テスティングの詳細とレポートをメモっときます。


DialogDesign – International Usability Testing – Details

DialogDesign – Usability Test Reports

  • Executive summary (1 page).
  • Methodology (1 page).
  • Profiles of usability test participants / interviewees (1 page).
  • Findings (4-6 pages).
  • Each finding is classified as either a catastrophic problem, a serious problem, a minor problem, a positive finding, or a suggestion for improvement.
  • Appendix: Usability test protocol, including usability test tasks and interview questions (4-6 pages).
  • Appendix: Screenshots from the evaluated version of the application (6-8 pages).
  • Appendix: Summary of how successful test participants were in solving each test tasks (1 page).