Usable GUI Design: A Quick Guide


Usable GUI Design: A Quick Guide

The Points
0) The user is not using your application
1) Fitt’s Law
2) Unnecessary interference
3) Use the power of the computer
4) Make items easy to distinguish and find


These five points represent a small but important part of UI design. They are not in any way commandments or miracle cures for UI problems. Following their principles in designing an interface should, in my opinion, greatly improve the usability of an application. I would welcome any comments, corrections or additions (email address below, remove the nospam).
These ideas are only a brief summary: I would recommend anyone serious about interface design to look at the references listed below. Alan Cooper’s book is excellent; Jef Raskin’s is a very useful reference, with some interesting ideas for thinking outside the ‘standard’ range of interface design.



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