[IA] 用語 (IA Glossary)

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A framework of strategies, principles, guidelines, standards, and models, which describe major types of business information and direct the management of information and knowledge assets. — (found this in an attachment to a big gov project specification)
The art and science of organizing information to help people effectively fulfill their InformationNeeds. Information architecture involves investigation, analysis, design and implementation. Top-down and bottom-up are the two main approaches to developing information architectures; these approaches inform each other and are often developed simultaneously.

また、以前書いた「[IA] ワイヤーフレーム」については次のように書かれています。

aka: Schematic, PageMap?, BluePrint?, PageArchitecture?, PageComps?, PagePrototypes?, Skeletal
A rough outline of page elements and their arrangement within the page
A Page Schematic is an element of the Functional Requirements document and contains a black and white design intended to convey emphasis, organization, and priority of information.


こういう用語集ってのは実は肝心 (要) で共通の言葉で会話していかないとあとで泣きを見ることになったりします。