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A beta is a trial period that gives us a chance to get early feedback on the new AWS APIs from you, our developer community. It also allows us to work out the final kinks in AWS 4.0 before we release the APIs formally to everyone.



As a beta participant, your feedback is extremely valuable to us in identifying and helping us resolve problems/bugs. To that end, we would appreciate it if you could:

  • participate as an active tester during the beta period
  • provide detailed information about AWS 4.0 problems you find (including code samples, requests, debug logs)
  • submit bug reports, suggestions and/or product testimonials
  • provide feedback regarding AWS 4.0 features and bugs during the beta via discussion boards and chats
  • receive and review regular communications via email throughout the beta testing period

We look forward to your participation in the beta and to helping you build innovative and profitable solutions.
To sign up as a beta participant for AWS 4.0, click on the following link: