Information Architecture Research

Information Architecture Research


Research in Context
Before we dig into the research itself, it’s worth considering the myriad inputs that shape design. They include:

  • Goals and Scope. The stated project goals and scope which may be conveyed in an RFP or as functional specifications.
  • Constraints. The budget, schedule, project team, and technology infrastructure.
  • Discovery. Project-specific research to learn about your unique blend of users, content, and context.
  • Competitive Analysis. Reviewing what everyone else is doing and borrowing from the best.
  • Expertise and Experience. What you already know, including explicit and tacit knowledge.
  • Guidelines. Published heuristics and guidelines derived from research and/or practice.
  • Published Research. Results of academic or corporate research in human-computer interaction, library and information science, cognitive psychology, etc.
  • Usability Testing. Iterative project-specific testing of prior designs and new prototypes.

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