Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2004

Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2004 :



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Key findings:

  • More than half of all products are not found by keyword searches return even though products can be found by link navigation. By making improvements to internal search, the average retailers should potentially double keyword-driven sales overnight.
  • Lack of standardisation. Customers can expect a markedly different experience depending on which site they visit, which is very confusing for novice e-shoppers.
  • The three critical areas of focus in terms of site and revenue optimisation are: Search, Support and Promotion. All retailers can make vast improvements in these areas to help inform users so they feel comfortable about buying products online.
  • Promotion and persuasion leads to increased spend. Retailers are largely ignoring deep promotions such as bundles, special offers and Amazon-style free shipping. Consumers can be persuaded to buy more products.
  • Users can be categorised in the following ways: tracker, hunter or explorer. Our research shows that all customer types can be catered for with interactive product guides, advanced filtering options for search results and online customer service tools.
  • Half of the sites we looked at do not adopt liquid page layouts, meaning web users need to scroll to view content even though there is about 20% extra page width unused.