Windows Vista UX Guidelines (preliminary)

「Windows Vista」の発表があってとくにブログにも書かなかったのですが、β版がすでにダウンロードできるんですね。

Microsoft Windows Vista Developer Center

Download the User Experience Guidelines
A new shell and presentation system in Windows Vista makes it easy for you to integrate visually-rich and dynamic user experiences into your applications.
Download the guidelines.

ということで、β版のダウンロードよりこちらのガイドラインのほうが目についたので早速「Windows Vista UX Guidelines」をダウンロードしてみました。

Download details: Windows Vista UX Guidelines (preliminary)



System Font (Segoe UI)
This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.
Segoe UI (pronounced, “SEE-go”) is the new MicrosoftR Windows Vista? system font. It is designed specifically for user interfaces and is optimized for ClearType font technology.
With the introduction of Segoe UI, Windows improves the consistency in how users see all text across all languages. The design of the Segoe UI letterforms is also tightly aligned with the Aero principles and design goals.