Adaptive Path’s Book

Adaptive Path’s Book Release Event at Adaptive Path (Tuesday, May 13, 2008) – Upcoming

Adaptive Path社のネタ続きになってしまいますが、書籍の発売にともなうイベントがあるようです。
誰か行きますか? Subject To Change: Creating Great Products & Services for an Uncertain World: Adaptive Path on Design: Peter Merholz,Todd Wilkens,Brandon Schauer,David Verba: Books

それはそうと、またこちらもDon Normanさんが評価されています。

Brandon Schauer’s Amazon Blog: Don Norman’s “one perfect book” Permalink

“Short, but powerful. Easy to read, yet profound. I’ve been searching for just this book: the one perfect book that summarizes the essence of modern product design. This is it. The lessons are as powerful as they are simple: The product is NOT the goal. Successful products are systems. Focus on the experience. This requires empathy, agile product management, real understanding of the target audience. This book practices what it preaches. I will use it in my courses for MBA students. You should use it for, well, for everyone. Short, simple, persuasive, and powerful.”