UX and visibility

IDblog: UX and visibility

I also think there’s another theory that may be of use in these issues of visibility (for we share them with many, many other professions). It’s diffusion of innovation theory (Rogers) aka crossing the chasm (Moore) aka the tipping point (Gladwell). It’s a very complex and interesting theory, but I think the point that applies here is this: there is a gap/chasm/space between the point where something is used by the early adopters/visionaries and the early majority/pragmatists. And that space has everything to do with communication of value. The language we use is not the language used by those we would seek to convince. For me, this is exactly in line with what Challis is saying. And this is where we should look to find ways to make progress.

というように、デザイン (ここでは広義のデザイン?) が評価を得るためにもまず自分らが理解し他人に理解してもらう必要があるといったことが書いてると思います (ほんまか)。