moving information architecture from design to implementation

iQ Content ≫ Learning to haggle – moving information architecture from design to implementation

DM: What areas are you currently most interested in? What should we be looking out for?
Our two biggest challenges are enterprise IA, which we’ve already touched on, and designing information architectures for global web sites. Other fields have tackled the implications of internationalization and localization, but there are few resources to help information architects design for multi-lingual, multi-regional, and multi-cultural audiences. The world’s only going to continue to shrink, so those pioneering IAs who are working on global sites should find themselves quite busy for decades to come. And the rest of us should take note.



扱う用語 (Information ArchitectureやUsebilityとかFindabilityとか……) の話もそうですが、実際IAの業務領域はフレキシブルで分業がしにくい分野だとわたしは感じます。