Using Ajax for Creating Web Applications

Using Ajax for Creating Web Applications

In the past few years, developers could choose between two approaches when building a web application. The first approach was to create a screen-based system with very rich interactions using a sophisticated, powerful technology such as Java or Flash. The alternative approach was to create a page-based system using easier-to-learn core web standards like XHTML and CSS whose more basic capabilities force less-rich interactions. A new technological approach, dubbed Ajax, might just be the right mix between the two.


ここでいう「screen-based system」というのがFlashとかJAVAのことを指し、「page-based system」というのがXHTMLとかCSSのことを指しています。


■「Screen-Based System」での成功例

The Broadmoor

Major League Baseball : The Official Site


■「Page-Based System」での成功例 Online shopping for electronics, apparel, music, books, DVDs & more


eBay – New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices


Google マップ



また、マクロメディアが出しているFlashに関するUser Interface Engineeringのレポート「Macromedia Flash?: A New Hope for Web Applications」を参照すると、Screen-Based Systemでの利点などが取り上げているようです。