User Experience and IA

Peter Boersma氏 (info.nlでSenior Experience Designerをしている) が書かれた記事でおもしろそうなので紹介。

User Experience and IA

IA’s are User Experience professionals

Unless you have never done anything else than analyse, structure and group large volumes of content only to hand-off that work to others, you have probably been acting as an interaction designer, information designer, computer scientist, business analyst, or usability engineer before. In fact, I doubt that your diploma says you are “Information Architect”.

The truth is: Most of us came from other fields, and are only now gaining experience in the deep, shallow and business skills of Information Architecture. And even inside our field, depending on where you came from and what you are doing, you are moving from shallow to deep, from deep to business, or from inside our field in the direction of another field or vice versa.

All this are signs that you are in fact a user experience professional; gaining insight into what skills you have, what skills others with related backgrounds have, and how to best combine them to create user experiences.

ということで、IAってのは他分野から来たひとが多いから必然的に他分野での体験がわかっている専門家で……云々 (ほんまか?)。


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