Vivisimo Clustering

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Vivisimo Clustering – automatic categorization and meta-search software –


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Vivisimo – Clustered search results


Products – Overview –

Breakthrough technology solutions for enterprise information retrieval and content publishing.

Vivisimo provides unique enterprise software that integrates and categorizes textual information on-the-fly into crisp, meaningful, hierarchical folders. Visit Solutions to read about how Vivisimo benefits various vertical industries.

Our unique plug-and-play document clustering approach:

  • Is fully automatic
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Achieves high-quality results on any textual content with little or no customization
  • Never has to pre-process any document collection
  • Can be installed in only minutes to hours

For those needing customization, a knowledge-base module accepts company and industry-specific knowledge such as synonyms, acronyms, spelling variants, taxonomies, and others.